2013 DRX, Sonoma County

2013 DRX, Sonoma County

When the vintage is right we make a DRX, blended and aged from just select, “cherry picked” barrels chosen by taste.

$125 each


92 Points, Double Gold at the 2020 American Fine Wine Competition Deerfi­eld's Flagship Meritage blend, no holds barred

DRX is Deerfield’s flagship Meritage wine. Meritage is the name California winemakers gave to Bordeaux style blends made in California. Deerfield is a charter member of the Meritage Association. We have a long history in making Bordeaux blends, starting with Robert’s first blends in 1978. When the vintage is right we make a DRX, blended and aged from just select, “cherry picked” barrels chosen by taste.

Wine Details


Red Wine

Variety Composition

53% Cabernet Sauvignon, 17% Cabernet Franc, 15% Merlot, 10% Malbec, 5% Petit Verdot.



Vineyard Notes

We have 26 exceptional Sonoma County vineyards that grow grapes for Deerfield. Amongst these are four Cabernet Vineyards, three Merlot, and a couple each of Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot. By selecting from this broad palette, we create a work of art that no single source could give us. The 2013 Vintage was the best vintage of the decade and the best since 2007. We don’t make DRX every vintage. Only the best for our best wine. It made the barrel choice difficult as there were no average tasting barrels of wine. We tasted and re-tasted and put an X on the barrels we liked the best, reliving the genesis of the name, DRX, Deerfield Ranch X barrels, the best barrels of wine in the cave.


Each lot was made separately and kept separate for almost three years, each lot with it’s own protocols. We then racked and blended the X barrels and re-barreled the new DRX in French Oak barrels from our favorite coopers, again selected by taste. Total barrel aging was over four years, longer than any other California winery. During the aging the wine grew more concentrated and complex through the loss of more than 25% to the angels share.

Tasting Notes

Impressions of the 2013 DRX in 2020 start with the color, deep, dark, and brilliant; a beautiful garnet. The nose is pure and clean right out of the bottle. After incorporating some air with swirls over many minutes the nose channels warm chocolate over violet pedals. The taste balloons out rapidly filling the palate with gently layered flavors of 72% cocoa, blackberries, and cedar cigar box. Waves of additional flavors develop gradually, rising to the top of your head, seamless and interwoven. It’s a big wine with grace. It’s bold without being ponderous. It opens and evolves with every sip through the whole bottle. The finish goes on forever. This DRX pairs well with a great variety of foods. We’ve had it with grilled dry rubbed Salmon and Porcini mushroom soup, besides that steak off the grill. It sings with our red reduction sauce and it is a complete and memorable experience all by itself.

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